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An analysis of renewable energy support mechanisms and the relative cost per technology of reducing GHG emissions.

AADO has produced an analysis of the support mechanisms available in the UK on a basis of cost per tonne of CO2 saved.

The current structure of government support mechanisms for renewable energy is designed to encourage the uptake of a broad range of technologies, in order that the UK meets its Renewable Energy Directive (RED) target of 15 per cent of final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. Whilst measurable progress is being made towards those targets, a review is now required of the relative costs per technology to ensure the principle of best value for the taxpayer is being applied. The basis of this is an analysis detailing the relative efficiency of each technology at displacing greenhouse gas emissions.

The full report and accompanying table can be found for download below. The full spreadsheet is avaliable on request – please email luke.crisford@aado.org.uk with any enquiries.

Renewable support mechanisms analysis – 24th Sept 2015

Renewable support mechanisms analysis table – 5th Feb 2016