• Notes for Editors

Notes for editors:

1.  AADO is an industry body that represents solely the interests of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant operators. We work to ensure that operators’ issues and concerns are addressed and highlighted particularly with regard to legislation, regulation, policy, support mechanisms and Government / EU strategy.  AADO does not represent AD equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers, only AD operators, and consequently it looks for secure, long term industry stability through realistic regulation, planned investment and feedstock security.

2.  AADO is the new name for the organisation known as ADOWG, the Anaerobic Digestion Operators Working Group.  For general enquiries or membership details, please contact us via info@aado.org.uk or visit our website www.aado.org.uk

Press Contacts:

Mike Orr (Chairman)  07976 132975   mike.orr@aado.org.uk

Nicola Frost (Secretary)   07816 608998   nicola.frost@aado.org.uk