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About us

Our principles

The founding principle of AADO is to provide a strong voice for Anaerobic digestion (AD) operators nationwide by recognising and reacting to the true opportunities and challenges within the industry. Each of AADO’s directors has in-depth experience of the development of AD plants and their ongoing operation, thus their concerns are based on current, practical knowledge.

This means that AADO considers the interests of AD operators as distinct from others involved in the same market, including plant equipment manufacturers, as their ultimate aims may well be contradictory. This approach doesn’t preclude however having common cause with other renewable energy generators when necessary.

AADO’s response to issues affecting AD operators is to take action and gain access to decision makers, be that within the UK government or the European Commission, to present information and arguments to influence decision making. One previous example of this is the directors’ work to amend the RBP level in digestate to a meaningful level and the evolution of the PAS 110 standard and the associated Quality Protocol, benefiting compliant AD operators who are now able to recover digestate to land. Current key issues being acted upon are RHI eligibility for biogas CHP installations and potential actions to increase the volume of avaliable feedstock.

If you would be interested in joining AADO and our work to protect and develop a strong AD industry, please contact us using the form available. We welcome operators from all types of plant – food and drink waste, processing waste, crop, slurry or sewage waste.